Tuesday, December 30, 2008

moving right along

so excited today!

i bought all my paper supplies for my save the date cards! inspired by kelly and terell's stds (in a previous post), i designed my very own! now i just need my future mother-in-law to send us the childhood photo we're waiting on! she's in georgia for the holidays and promised me that she'd mail the photo from there. ugh. as soon as they're printed and ready to go, i'll post a pic here!

also, my planner's been helping out with our website! right now, we have a pretty slowish song on there. i wish we could somehow connect it to a fast one... i'm just afraid our site and stds are too blah. :-( i want people to be just as excited as we are! maybe it's the color theme i'm still not happy about? this whole autumn color thing is throwing me off kilter. orange and browns are so blech. aren't they? i like brown...but with pink and blue and things like that. and joe hates brown all together. i tried to keep our stds as neutral and earthy as possible since we're still deciding.

oh and it looks like we'll be able to get a rabbi to marry us! which my mom will be VERY excited about. she didn't think it was possible to find a rabbi to marry a couple on a friday night. but my planner's well connected!

now i just need a photographer...


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