Tuesday, December 23, 2008

organized chaos

this is my first post but I'm just going to jump right into things...

i call this blog No Wedding Drama because i really don't want any drama at my wedding. and i'm actually very afraid of the drama that might ensue on my fiance's side of the family. his parents are divorced and a) his mom has never gotten over the divorce, b) his mom is a little loopy, c) his father is remarried with new kids, etc. d) his father isn't on speaking terms with some of his siblings and e) my fiance has a strained relationship with oh...all of them! fun, fun, fun! that said, i'm also working crazy hours at my full-time job plus freelancing on the side. and there's a chance that i might be teaching a class this coming summer which means i'm have to start prepping now! AGH! who has time to plan a wedding?

so...i have a wedding planner! a wonderful woman named Christine of Exquisite Affairs Productions (her company's blog is over there in the margin...something borrowed, something blogged). christine's been
great, especially because i'm sure that my constant emails must be terribly annoying. most of the time, it's just my anxiety running my brain. other times, it's my mom (ugh). and other times, it's real concerns...or at least they seem that way! anyway, we just booked a venue! yay! the search for the perfect was a nightmare but i'll save that story for another time because it's after 1am and i have to work in the morning.

so we're getting married on 10/23/09 and i'm trying to decide on a
theme and all these other details. i'm SO inspired by things i see but i have so much trouble putting it all together. AND i actually care a lot about all the details! that's why i have a planner! :-) i can barely think straight. so originally, we were thinking apple green and pale pink. but now we're thinking autumn.

little by little, i'll post some things that inspire me or give me ideas. this is my form of organized chaos.

aren't the bottom of these shoes cute?

and how precious does this dog look? i can't wait to see my dog frenchy dressed up!

i found this whimsical wedding topper. something like this might be cute for us!

we have a lot of guests coming in from out of town and i totally fell in love with these save the date cards that i found online. i'm going to try to emulate them with childhood pics of joe and i. we have especially funny pics too!

must head to bed now!

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