Saturday, January 3, 2009

so many colors to choose from

i'm so confused about colors again, agh! let's explore some now.

they call this raspberry. i like the centerpieces actually!

here's some a chocolate brown and apple green table setting...

they call this garnet. i think one of my problems is that i'm slightly color, when i was mugged by knife point in nyc, i was the only victim (out of 3) who said the mugger's jacket was orange...when, in fact, it was red.

these coral roses are pretty.

i really like the colors of this "fall" bouquet. what colors are these though?

and what color would you call this?

here's some green. i like the idea of using edible things on tables alongside flowers.

here's the classic and simple green and white.

or i could just go very classic with pure white.

white tables...

and look! here are those white pumpkins i like so much! and pumpkins are fall!


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