Monday, January 19, 2009

Save the Date!

finally, my save the date cards are finished. yay!

what a process! take a look:

again, these were totally inspired by the stds i found online by kelley and terrell. i just tried to put a new spin on them. like k&t, we used moo cards for the photos.

now, if only my fiance would give me all of his addresses!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hopes & dreams

tonight we met with another photographer. she was super nice, someone i could probably be friends with even. we are so torn...we just don't know which photographer to go with. ugh, decisions!

anyway, my moo cards arrived today in the mail. the photos didn't come out as nice as i imagined. they are matte and the contrast is pretty low. nevertheless, i think they'll look okay on the save the date cards i designed. now, if only my fiance would get his butt in gear and make phone calls to get the addresses he needs to give me!

on another note, i'm bummed that i shelled out money to get a wedding website because i just saw this website and these are super cute:

how cute his this from tinatarnoff on etsy?

and look at these lovely charms from cherrycreek on etsy!

and i really like the top part of this dress, even though it's not white...

we saw candles just like this the other idea at our local coffee shop! they are just led lights put inside this paper! and you can pick any decorative paper you want. check out how pretty they look!

i was going to say something about yummy chocolate covered pretzels as favors, but i have a feeling i can't afford them (*sigh*).

off like a prom dress...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

rabbi & photographers

so, a lot has been accomplished in the past few days!

1) we talked to a rabbi. my fiance isn't jewish but he doesn't really identify with any religion. he believes in god and jesus...but isn't sure what he is. AND my mom really wants us to get married by a rabbi and well, it would feel familiar to me so i like the idea. luckily, joe says since my mom is paying for this whole freaking thing, we should do what she wants. haha. so we're going to have an interfaith ceremony leaning towards judiasm. we'll have a chupa and joe will break glass, etc. in fact, we're also going to have a ketubah (jewish marriage contract)!

2) we met with one photographer tonight. and we liked him. tomorrow night, our planner is taking us out on the island to meet with another one and on monday, we meet the third.

on another note- i'm starting to freak out about my weight and how much i need to lose. i went to a nutritionist to lose some, but i fell off the wagon. :-(

it's late! bed is calling me!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

so many colors to choose from

i'm so confused about colors again, agh! let's explore some now.

they call this raspberry. i like the centerpieces actually!

here's some a chocolate brown and apple green table setting...

they call this garnet. i think one of my problems is that i'm slightly color, when i was mugged by knife point in nyc, i was the only victim (out of 3) who said the mugger's jacket was orange...when, in fact, it was red.

these coral roses are pretty.

i really like the colors of this "fall" bouquet. what colors are these though?

and what color would you call this?

here's some green. i like the idea of using edible things on tables alongside flowers.

here's the classic and simple green and white.

or i could just go very classic with pure white.

white tables...

and look! here are those white pumpkins i like so much! and pumpkins are fall!