Saturday, December 27, 2008

back from the dead...kinda

today was my first day out of bed since tuesday. i feel better but my nose and ears are still clogged and my voice sounds really weird. but i think it gives me character! oh and i'm still totally tired so i just woke up from a nap and it's 5pm! ugh. i ran into a neighbor who told me that he thought he had the flu once and it turned out to be a blood infection. um, hello???? doesn't he know who he's talking to? now i'm going to run around thinking i have a blood infection!

anyway- my planner emailed me today to tell me that all 3 photographers i was interested in are all available on our wedding date (yay)! except apparently i only responded to one and not the other 2. whoops! now i have to find those emails again...

while i was sick and bored out of my mind with cabin fever, i somehow managed to start applying to free honeymoon contests. i can't decide where i want to go (of course) and it looks like we can't afford one anyway, so i figured if we won one- then it would all be solved without me having to make any decisions!

of course, look at this ad? i had to choose between hawaii or mexico before i even entered the contest! "click here for hawaii, click here for mexico." luckily, my sister went to hawaii and i am dead set on not doing the same thing as her. plus, hawaii = flying over a lot of water, so mexico was an easy choice here. phew!

anyway, check out these twig napkin rings (right). i want something like this but not black...i'd want it to look more realistic. this looks kinda fake, doesn't it?

i love these brown glitter candles! (behind the polka dotted one).

aren't these monogrammed drink stirrers cute? and i think they're in hot apple cider!

lastly, how cute is this photo????

back 2 bed 4 me.

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