Sunday, February 1, 2009

ok, so i recently picked up some paint chips from a local paint store so i could sit down with my man and really make some freaking decisions! of course, he kept changing his mind (as was i)...then i called my mom who told me i needed to consider what flowers were in season, ugh! anyway...long story short: we have colors! (yay)!


chocolate brown
stem green/granny apple green

horray for these colors!

we also made a trip to crate and barrel today so we could actually see what we wanted to register for and got one of those fun product scanner gun thingies. always wanted to do that! of course, our favorite dinnerware set was discontinued! ugh. we finally settled on another one. but then when i got home, i went online to see if there were any duplicates, etc. and none of our stuff from the store showed up on our registry! that was tres annoying. i'm going to wait a day to see if maybe it takes time to upload...otherwise, i'll just have to reregister for things...good thing i printed out our list of goodies at the store!

in other news, i've been going crazy about this whole invitation thing. my coworker freaked me out this week by coming up to me and saying, "your save the dates were sooooooo nice, but now you have to top them with your invitations. they can't just be regular invitations." eugh? darn it! she's right! here's a cute invite i found on etsy...but is this too winter and not fall-like?

oh! so my latest idea was to actually print my invites on fabric! my mom, of course, thinks this is the stupidest idea in the world...but whatever. i discovered a whole new way you can print on fabric. listen to this!!!! apparently, you can iron fabric to a piece of regular ol' freezer paper, then stick it into your ink jet printer and voila- you've printed on fabric! i know it sounds too good to be true but here's one of many links that demonstrates it:

i can't really wrap my brain around the whole envelope deal though. and i'd have to put a regular ol' rsvp card in there and hotel card, etc. and my mom just keeps saying, "who wants a piece of fabric?" ugh...she just doesn't get it. oh and also- there's a product called bubble jet set that helps prevent fading, etc. so i visited a store right around the corner from my office that i've always wanted to go into but was too afraid to enter called City Quilter. they were SO helpful there! i picked up my muslin fabric and bubble jet set and if i wake up at a decent hour, i'll test that method out. on the other hand, i don't know why i want to freaking make everything. like i have time for this! ugh. i just really like being crafty, gosh darn it! and besides, while i was at the city quilter, i picked up a class calendar and might actually take a sewing class there later this month! :-)

omg, while writing this i suddenly diverted to and just wasted 1 hour of my life! must publish!