Tuesday, December 30, 2008

moving right along

so excited today!

i bought all my paper supplies for my save the date cards! inspired by kelly and terell's stds (in a previous post), i designed my very own! now i just need my future mother-in-law to send us the childhood photo we're waiting on! she's in georgia for the holidays and promised me that she'd mail the photo from there. ugh. as soon as they're printed and ready to go, i'll post a pic here!

also, my planner's been helping out with our website! right now, we have a pretty slowish song on there. i wish we could somehow connect it to a fast one... i'm just afraid our site and stds are too blah. :-( i want people to be just as excited as we are! maybe it's the color theme i'm still not happy about? this whole autumn color thing is throwing me off kilter. orange and browns are so blech. aren't they? i like brown...but with pink and blue and things like that. and joe hates brown all together. i tried to keep our stds as neutral and earthy as possible since we're still deciding.

oh and it looks like we'll be able to get a rabbi to marry us! which my mom will be VERY excited about. she didn't think it was possible to find a rabbi to marry a couple on a friday night. but my planner's well connected!

now i just need a photographer...


Saturday, December 27, 2008

back from the dead...kinda

today was my first day out of bed since tuesday. i feel better but my nose and ears are still clogged and my voice sounds really weird. but i think it gives me character! oh and i'm still totally tired so i just woke up from a nap and it's 5pm! ugh. i ran into a neighbor who told me that he thought he had the flu once and it turned out to be a blood infection. um, hello???? doesn't he know who he's talking to? now i'm going to run around thinking i have a blood infection!

anyway- my planner emailed me today to tell me that all 3 photographers i was interested in are all available on our wedding date (yay)! except apparently i only responded to one and not the other 2. whoops! now i have to find those emails again...

while i was sick and bored out of my mind with cabin fever, i somehow managed to start applying to free honeymoon contests. i can't decide where i want to go (of course) and it looks like we can't afford one anyway, so i figured if we won one- then it would all be solved without me having to make any decisions!

of course, look at this ad? i had to choose between hawaii or mexico before i even entered the contest! "click here for hawaii, click here for mexico." luckily, my sister went to hawaii and i am dead set on not doing the same thing as her. plus, hawaii = flying over a lot of water, so mexico was an easy choice here. phew!

anyway, check out these twig napkin rings (right). i want something like this but not black...i'd want it to look more realistic. this looks kinda fake, doesn't it?

i love these brown glitter candles! (behind the polka dotted one).

aren't these monogrammed drink stirrers cute? and i think they're in hot apple cider!

lastly, how cute is this photo????

back 2 bed 4 me.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ok i like these too

see how indecisive i am?

love this dress

isn't this dress beautiful? this is the first time a dress has really caught my eye. the detail's gorgeous too. it's galina signature.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my latest worry

so i'm sick. ugh. besides the fact that i threw my back out last week and was pretty much in bed all weekend because of it, i managed to catch a cold that has now turned into a full blown icky sickness of some kind. my nose is stuffed, my chest is heavy, i feel achey and overall downright exhausted. here's where my worry comes into play- this is most likely due to stress. the whole back thing was total stress but i've also been working on a project at work that has been emotionally and physically SO draining. i'm a videogame writer and i'm seriously on a nightmarish project right now. i love what i do (seriously, i do) and i've been facing something i didn't think i ever would before: a difficult project that i've grown to loathe. so here's my real worry: what if this happens to me the week of my wedding?!!!! i'm sure i'll be totally stressed out. i hope i don't get sick or throw my back out that week! agh!!!!

anyway- happy times! back to wedding stuff!

i found this adorable cake topper! but what's with the polka dots?


i like this candle with the cranberries! maybe we should do this on our fireplace mantle? yes, we have a fireplace at the venue!

i love the idea of guests throwing these rose petals as we walk down the aisle, but my mom said this isn't a very jewish thing to do. :-(

i don't know what kind of material is behind this menu, but i like the looks of it! uber elegant!

i like this sign. i'm not sure why. maybe i just like the idea of a sign?

ok, bedtime for me!

organized chaos

this is my first post but I'm just going to jump right into things...

i call this blog No Wedding Drama because i really don't want any drama at my wedding. and i'm actually very afraid of the drama that might ensue on my fiance's side of the family. his parents are divorced and a) his mom has never gotten over the divorce, b) his mom is a little loopy, c) his father is remarried with new kids, etc. d) his father isn't on speaking terms with some of his siblings and e) my fiance has a strained relationship with oh...all of them! fun, fun, fun! that said, i'm also working crazy hours at my full-time job plus freelancing on the side. and there's a chance that i might be teaching a class this coming summer which means i'm have to start prepping now! AGH! who has time to plan a wedding?

so...i have a wedding planner! a wonderful woman named Christine of Exquisite Affairs Productions (her company's blog is over there in the margin...something borrowed, something blogged). christine's been
great, especially because i'm sure that my constant emails must be terribly annoying. most of the time, it's just my anxiety running my brain. other times, it's my mom (ugh). and other times, it's real concerns...or at least they seem that way! anyway, we just booked a venue! yay! the search for the perfect was a nightmare but i'll save that story for another time because it's after 1am and i have to work in the morning.

so we're getting married on 10/23/09 and i'm trying to decide on a
theme and all these other details. i'm SO inspired by things i see but i have so much trouble putting it all together. AND i actually care a lot about all the details! that's why i have a planner! :-) i can barely think straight. so originally, we were thinking apple green and pale pink. but now we're thinking autumn.

little by little, i'll post some things that inspire me or give me ideas. this is my form of organized chaos.

aren't the bottom of these shoes cute?

and how precious does this dog look? i can't wait to see my dog frenchy dressed up!

i found this whimsical wedding topper. something like this might be cute for us!

we have a lot of guests coming in from out of town and i totally fell in love with these save the date cards that i found online. i'm going to try to emulate them with childhood pics of joe and i. we have especially funny pics too!

must head to bed now!