Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my latest worry

so i'm sick. ugh. besides the fact that i threw my back out last week and was pretty much in bed all weekend because of it, i managed to catch a cold that has now turned into a full blown icky sickness of some kind. my nose is stuffed, my chest is heavy, i feel achey and overall downright exhausted. here's where my worry comes into play- this is most likely due to stress. the whole back thing was total stress but i've also been working on a project at work that has been emotionally and physically SO draining. i'm a videogame writer and i'm seriously on a nightmarish project right now. i love what i do (seriously, i do) and i've been facing something i didn't think i ever would before: a difficult project that i've grown to loathe. so here's my real worry: what if this happens to me the week of my wedding?!!!! i'm sure i'll be totally stressed out. i hope i don't get sick or throw my back out that week! agh!!!!

anyway- happy times! back to wedding stuff!

i found this adorable cake topper! but what's with the polka dots?


i like this candle with the cranberries! maybe we should do this on our fireplace mantle? yes, we have a fireplace at the venue!

i love the idea of guests throwing these rose petals as we walk down the aisle, but my mom said this isn't a very jewish thing to do. :-(

i don't know what kind of material is behind this menu, but i like the looks of it! uber elegant!

i like this sign. i'm not sure why. maybe i just like the idea of a sign?

ok, bedtime for me!

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