Tuesday, October 27, 2009


yes, i'm a married woman.

i was working on my little projects until the wee hours of the night before the big day, ugh. i don't recommend that, btw. anyhoo, as soon as i get photos of everything, i'll post them. in the meantime, here are a little quick highlights:

our cake topper was a HUGE hit at the wedding. it was customized by jenny from lollipopworkshop on etsy.com. here were the preview pics she sent us:

it's so cute, isn't it?

i ended up with a beautiful purse, also from etsy! it's from yensew. and i loved the fact that it was handmade by a fellow seller like myself! i got tons of compliments on it, and i loved the interior too!

so much more to post about but first i must get my camera back from my mom who accidentally went back to florida with it, ugh. i need to take pics of tons of stuff! as more photos come in, i'll be sure to post them up here!

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  1. omg, those toppers are adorable!!! gotta love etsy!