Sunday, August 9, 2009


ok, so we're seriously behind schedule. especially since we decided that we want to redo the invitation and make the background light pink. joe and i have had a lot of stuff going on (outside of the wedding) and we decided to go for a drive tonight, just to get out of the city. as a result, we're even more behind schedule, agh!! to make matters worse, joe isn't feeling well again and he has to be up at 5am tomorrow for, guess who had to make the rsvps all by her little self? :-)

i started mixing paint.

then painted the master screen and inserted it into the gocco.

i used the gocco ink blocking material to make sure the paint wouldn't overlap into other areas. it's grey and sticky. i didn't think too hard about which colors i wanted to put where this time. i just wanted to get them done, haha. i figured i should use brown for the text this time though. :-)

here are some drying!

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