Monday, August 3, 2009

gocco invitations

omg, it's been way too long since i posted. so much has happened!

first of all, we started making our invitations. now, i'm a total gocco newbie. for those of you who don't know what a gocco is, let me update you. a gocco is a japanese screenprinting machine that's no longer being manufacturered, so you have to buy them by auction only. i paid about $250 for mine on ebay and it came with a variety of ink colors too. i did one test with the machine to make sure it worked (made thank you cards) and then i basically spent the next month just learning everything i could about the machine and tips and tricks, etc.

so...first we printed the background of our invite. green was the one color we didn't have, so my fiance got work mixing blue, yellow and a bit of white paint together.

that blue thing on the coffee table is the gocco.

so, basically they looked like this:

i sure wish i had invested in those drying racks!

ok, then we both came down with the flu! so...almost 2 full weeks later, we began the challenge of printing the text.

we fell in love with that apple green color when my fiance mixed it, but the next day i realized that it would make our text super hard to read. whoops!

our names were supposed to be in a really pretty pink!

obviously, that didn't really work. :-( so in the end, we printed all the text in brown.

here they are once again drying. *sigh*

after this, we still have to print the little 2 birdies in pink! agh!!!

here's my fiance working on the stamping process. he looks stressed...and uh...that's because the process was pretty stressful for us...especially in our tiny 100 degree apartment! (not to mention the fact that we're both just pretty stressed in general right now).

tomorrow we print the r.s.v.p. cards!

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